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Phone Mount Kit - Toyota Tacoma Gen 2 (2005-2011)

Phone Mount Kit - Toyota Tacoma Gen 2 (2005-2011)

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Vehicle Compatibility

The clamp is designed for stock air vents. It is not compatible with 3rd party air vent modifications.

Toyota Tacoma Gen 2 (2005 - 2011) (All trim levels). Installs on outer top corners of center air vents only.

Offroam Toyota Tacoma phone mount base does not block air flow. Air vent adjustment in up/down direction will be restricted and the vent will remain open after installation. However, left/right will retain full range of motion. Symmetric design allows for installation on the left or right center air vents.

Phone Compatibility

iPhone 6/7/8 including Plus
iPhone X/XS including Max
iPhone XR
iPhone 11/PRO + Max
iPhone 12/PRO + Max & Mini
iPhone 13/PRO + Max & Mini

All similarly sized Android devices from Google, Samsung and other manufacturers, including but not limited to:

Google Pixel 3 + 3 XL
Google Pixel 4 + 4 XL
Google Pixel 5
Google Pixel 6
Google Pixel 6 Pro
Samsung Galaxy Note 8
Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Samsung Galaxy Note10 + 10 Plus
Samsung Galaxy Note20 + 20 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S10 + S10 5G
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
Samsung Galaxy S10e
Samsung Gala

The holder is compatible with handheld devices that will fit the dimensions specified: Width 2.4 - 3.82" [60 - 97mm]

Depth range: up to 0.67

Verify the dimensions of your device with a case / popsocket when determining the overall size.

What's in the Box

1x Offroam vehicle-specific mounting base
 with 20mm ball with included installation tool
1x Offroam double socket arm
1x Offroam phone holder with 20mm ball


Included Components:
1x Offroam vehicle-specific mounting base
1x Offroam adjustment arm
1x Offroam phone holder

Phone holder width range:
2.4 - 3.82" [60 - 97mm]

Phone holder depth range:
up to 0.67"

Arm overall length:
2.4" [61mm]
Socket-to-socket length:
1.77" [45mm]

Weight Capacity:
2lbs under normal use and 1lbs under heavy-duty use

Ball Diameter:


Clamp CNC machined, black anodized & laser engraved aluminium with molded silicone protective liner. Black oxide stainless hardware.

Holder CNC machined & black anodized. Grippy molded elastomer with thermally stable 3M adhesive. Stainless steel sliding shafts and springs.

Arm die cast and powder coated aluminium.

Installation Instructions: Download PDF

  • One-handed use. Slide in your phone with one hand into the perfectly-tuned spring-loaded holder.
  • Universal fit phone holder. Fits any large phone up to 3.8" wide with a case or pop-socket in portrait or landscape orientation.
  • Strong and secure for 4x4 trails. Holder has internal springs with 3M elastomer-lined grip sides that deliver great holding power.
  • Perfect view. Use the double socket connecting arm with a single hand-tightening knob for full adjustability of your Offroam mounting system
  • Vehicle specific. Designed specifically for Toyota Tacoma Gen 2 2005-2011 the Offroam mounting base installs without drilling or disassembly in minutes and does not block air flow. The mounting base is lined with a molded elastomer that protects your air vent from marks so you can remove the clamp at any time.
  • All-metal design. Made entirely of marine-grade aluminium, stainless steel and quality 3M elastomers for durability in 4x4 and other demanding environments.

This premium all-metal phone mount provides a safe, handsfree way to use your phone in your Toyota Tacoma on rough 4x4 trails. The phone cradle securely attaches to your Toyota dash at an optimal viewing angle, while not blocking the windshield or restricting the air flow. The sturdy aluminum construction of the Offroam phone holder will feel like your phone is welded into the dash and it will let you secure the phone with one hand. 

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        Designed for rough 4x4 trails. Offroam clamp is patent-pending mounting base that attaches securely to your vehicle and won't fall off, even over rough 4x4 trails or race days.

        For any phone, even with a case. Offroam fits and holds any size modern phone (including iPhone 13 PRO MAX), even in a case. Up to 3.8" wide and 0.67" thick.

        No drilling, no glue. You shouldn't need to drill your new truck. Offroam mechanically clamps to the air vent without leaving any marks thanks to an embedded elastomer liner.

        All the airflow you need. Whether in south Texas or in Alaska - you need the air vents to function. Offroam keeps your phone away from the vent so air goes where it's aimed, not the back of your phone.

        Keeps the view clear. Offroam gives you an easy way to position your phone so you can see it without blocking the windshield.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 17 reviews
        Charles Bailey
        Excellent product

        100% quality! Super easy install and super secure holding

        Andrew M.
        Gen. 2 Tacoma Mount

        It's bomber! I looked at way to many other options, and this one is the one. Perfect fit, finish, feel, and function.

        Compared to QuadLock

        4.5 Stars

        I have been using Quadlock cases and mounts for years. They wear out pretty quickly in that the friction detents on their locking mechanism wear down, and this allows your phone to rotate and fall from mount. Secure mount becomes less secure and non-secure through intended use. I was sort of stuck in this eco system sort of like Apple iPhone/iPad and computer, between my different vehicles and phone cases. Quadlock is also a windshield mount (though I have also configured it on a Ram mount and Yak rail that wiggles, jiggles and bounces in an irritating way) which I do feel when travelling and I pass through a major city, the windshield placement tends to ride in the prefered site line of navigating and creates just a tad of increased stress in my day in situations where I need to hype up my driving awareness just a smige. Admittedly, though I like the Quadlock, there were many times I would quickly remove the phone and set it on the passenger seat to get it out of my view in busy driving situations.

        OffRoam (OR)on the other hand, is the basic ol’skool phone spring clamp that just happens to be of a size that fits over the protruding locking hump on the back of my Quadlock phone case. Nice, the gamble paid off as I did not want to buy yet another phone case. OR holds more firmly that some other spring clamps I have for photo mounts. Though no locking tension screw, I am pleased with its speed and solid grasp, I would not improve anything as of my experience to date. The other big plus is placement. I had to lightly adapt to the new location of my phone but I very much appreciate dropping my G maps down out of my windshield and my field of view at all times.

        On the negative or could use improvement comments, I would say the mount suffers from “tiny arm syndrome” and lacks the ease of turning the phone to landscape view on the fly. The Ram mount style arm and clamping knob are pretty short and knobs design is small and not universally grabbable dependent on its position. By this I mean the arm is so short the phone has little adjustment when contending with being up against the dash/vent, the arm is limited in the orientation it can be twisted into because of the small gaps for the balls joint and that leaves the tension knob often out of the way and out of a grabbable location to skinny your fingers behind your phone and gain leverage to twist it. I think many of us like to make adjustments with our device in the mount so we can level our screen to our driving position. I would suggest looking at widening the base of the ball arm slotted portion of the arm to more of a tear drop shape if possible. This would allow a smidge of latteral play for the ball joint and increase overall adjustability. (Ask me and I will explain). I also would improve the ergos of the tension knob, perhaps swapping it ouf for a round nerled shape so the fingers when you skinny them behind your phone, can grab it from any position. The current know is often 90 degrees off from how your fingers want to engage.

        Lastly, as I wrote is a suggestion email, I would like to see this mount style be implemented for a Mercedes Sprinter van. Large market share with what, 2-3 vent designs, the latest 2 being most used for van life. Easy solution to fill a niche need. Put my name in the hat for contributing to your future successes. I would like two please, driver and co-pilot;)

        All said and done, highly functional, good-great placement, solid no wiggle and jiggle, easy in- easy out, holds secure even a large phone case with bump on back, could benefit from .v2 design improvements on arm and tension knob ergos.

        Dear Jeff! Thank you very much for your business and for your thoughtful, detailed review, we appreciate your time and I forwarded your review to our engineering team. Glad to hear the phone mount doesn't wiggle and jiggle and is easy to use for a secure hold. Thank you for the feedback re: arm. I am also adding you to our Sprinter waiting list/notification list - our engineering team will be starting the design process this Fall.
        Happy Trails,

        Wesley Dullinger
        honest review

        This product is excellent best phone holder I have ever had. Simple to use and sturdy parts. The phone clip holds great and will not move. The only problem I have with the product is that it can only be mounted to one side of the fan. I think it would be great if it could mount to both sides of the fan on my 2nd gen 07 Toyota Tacoma. It can only be mounted to the left side of the fan, but other than that this product is great and well worth the money. Looks good and no bolts and does not attach to the windshield which is great and is slick. The other thing is this product is quality parts and will never fail, well constructed.

        Michael Rivette

        I have been looking for a simple, clean phone mount solution since I got my truck. I've gone through several plastic dash-mounted options that never worked out. After the last one failed, I decided to look for something more drastic. I was just going to screw it to my dash. I was sick of having the same issue over and over.

        While looking around, I found this mount. After using it for over a month I can say that it is PERFECT. It is a simple, clean, well-made (actual METAL) solution to a problem. Do not think about it, just get this phone mount. Once you get it in position, it is rock solid, and best of all, I didn't need to screw it to my dash!