About Us

Offroam clamp systems testing in Baja

Offroam has been a standalone brand since 2019. The flagship product, “The Clamp” was developed specifically for our needs in our 4x4 rental fleet in San Francisco, California. 

Prior to founding Offroam, we (Dmitri & Alex) have been running Cypress Overland 4x4 rental fleet of Jeeps and Toyotas - and we know how people drive rentals and treat rental gear. We have (probably) seen it all when vehicles return from long overland trips and off-road expeditions. Cypress is our accelerated product test platform for all gear - and we learn pretty quickly what products are built to last and which are not.

This is why we decided to develop our own solution for mounting phones and navigation gear in our Jeep and Toyota. And after extensive testing with our Cypress Overland rentals and our prolonged overland trips of over 2000+ mi of corrugated Baja roads, we have opened up the order book to everyone who want to run these expedition-grade solutions in their rigs.

Along the way we forged strategic alliances with business partners, like Tackform, who share our passion for building quality products in the USA.

We take pride in our roots as a 4x4 rental fleet operator and passionate overlanders. We feel that is a key differentiator for our current and future line of products.

Building a product that customers love is the difference between having a successful business and going broke. Delivering on that promise - through good engineering, extensive testing and quality builds is the other half of our ‘secret sauce’.