About Us

Who we are

We make tools for people who, like us, never stop exploring. Our products help overlanders, commuters, and adventurers get off the beaten path, go further and be inspired by the wild world - in our words: to offroam.

Core Values

Offroam values evolved out of direct experience (to date) of the founders and the minimalist values they live by. It just so happens to be the way we have done things, even before we started Offroam. We are still a young brand (and young entrepreneurs) and we suspect we have a lot more to learn.


1. Make the best product - that customers love and use

While we aspire to spend most our time exploring, we never stop tinkering - it’s in our nature; we are a design and engineering company. There is nothing that brings us more joy than seeing our products make that bit of difference in our customers’ lives. Our engineering bar is very high and we challenge ourselves to make only the best things.

2. Treat customers and partners as peers

The Voice of our Customer is how we are able to make best products. We welcome all feedback and we listen to every note & read every review. We learn a lot from our customers. And when we screw up - we fix it quickly.

The people who make Offroam products work in our partner factories and in our own facility here in the USA and beyond its borders. While most people who make Offroam possible are not our direct employees we believe they are equally entitled to happy and fulfilling lives.

We prioritize employee and partner happiness over growth. So if you don’t hear us respond in off-hours or during first snowfall of the year - it’s likely because we are offroaming. 

3. Use business to inspire and build solutions for toughest problems

We believe that business is the best platform for change that we’ve got. This belief was shaped by our volunteering work in Kenya that showed us the power entrepreneurship has to build stronger communities. 


In 2018, Dmitri & Alex packed their small car and moved to the West Coast to chase their dreams of exploring remote locations and be closer to nature. A few months after after the move, the couple decided to share their love for California with others and founded a 4x4 adventure vehicle company - Cypress Overland.

With this venture, they learned quickly that the able hands of vehicle renters have a unique ability to break just about any piece of adventure gear, especially those flimsy plastic phone holders. After trying just about every phone holder on the market, they did exactly what any sensible engineers would do: spend 5 months designing and testing a little clamp that grabs onto the dash like Alex Honnold to the edge of El Capitan.

Alex & Dmitri poured all the proceeds from Cypress Overland into their new invention (dubbed The Clamp), asking fellow overlanders and adventurers to take a chance on the new little product. Very quickly the 5-star reviews started coming in as the product proved to be popular in the community.

Design & Engineering 

We design products that solve problems, look good, age gracefully, are easy to repair - and that last a lifetime. We iterate and test endlessly.