Your Offroam air vent clamp consists of three parts: 1. Face plate where with an integrated mounting ball and a rubber inlay. 2. Rear plate 3. two Clamping screws made of stainless steel. To install it in your Jeep or Toyota follow these steps or check out a video below.


  • Step 1:  Open the clamp by unscrewing the two clamping screws using the tool provided in your package until the screw ends are flush with the backing plate. Make sure both screws stay screwed into the backing plate. The Offroam clamp will now be open, and there will be a gap between Face & Rear plates.


  • Step 2: Open the air vent louvers and offer up the open clamp to the air vent bezel. Make sure the Rear plate bottoms out on the inner diameter of the air vent for full engagement and that Face plate follows the contour of your air vent. The rubber inlay should be the only area of contact on the front side of the bezel.
    • Pro Tip: When offering up the clamp hold onto the mounting ball covering both screw heads with your fingers, such that the gap between both plates is maintained.


  • Step 3: Adjust the clamp orientation on the air vent for your needs and tighten the clamping screws using the tool provided. Switch back and forth between the two screws until both are tight and snug. Do not over tighten. Check that the clamp is securely attached. Once the Offroam clamp is in place, mount accessories to the ball adapter.




  1. Do not mount accessories in front of or near the path of airbag deployment
  2. Check vehicle compatibility before installation to avoid damage to air vent bezel. Designed to work with OEM air vents. Not compatible with other aftermarket accessories.
  3. Do not mount heavy devices. Check the rated weight limit.
  4. Use a compatible extension arm to hold your electronics away from air flow to prevent heat damage.