2021 Ford F150 phone mount
Phone mount for F150 2021-current
2021 Ford F150 air vent phone holder - heavy duty
2021 Ford F150 Phone Mount
2021 Ford F150 Phone Mount
2021 Ford F150 Phone Mount
Ford F150 2021 air vent mount base
Phone Mount Kit - Ford F150 (2021 - Current) - Offroam
2015-2020 Ford F150 Phone Mount Holder
2020 Ford F150 air vent phone holder
Ford Expedition, Ford F250, F350, F450, F550, Ford F150 phone holder
Ford F150 phone holder

Phone Mount Kit - Ford F150 (2021 - Current)

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With a nicely-outfitted cabin with the ultimate comfort in mind, Ford F150 calls the new 2021 interior your office, your inner sanctum to escape from a crazy world around you, your home on the road.

Here at OFFROAM, we proudly design and build heavy duty, F150-specific, all metal phone and accessory mounts right here in the U.S.A. The most important part of the Offroam clamp is the ability to clamp right onto your Ford truck. Our motto is “NO MORE WIGGLY PHONE”. If you can’t trust the mount on the highway, then you definitely won’t be able to trust it off road or when hauling a work/leisure trailer.

Being able to quickly slide your phone into and out of its “home” is a huge benefit of the Offroam kit. It’s basically a set it and forget it solution, but that’s not to say it’s difficult to reposition or move the mount from vent to vent depending on your device or application.

Here is why you should consider Offroam phone mount:

  1. Built for rugged off-road use. We have one rule when it comes to mods. No mod should limit your Ford truck capabilities. So the suction cups, glue, and that sticky tape was not an option for our design. Also we test our designs on Cypress Overland rental fleet of 4x4 overland vehicles.
  2. Ultimate experience starts with an unobstructed view.  We built the clamp to mount below the windshield so you can keep a clear view of your adventure. The phone will look like it’s just floating. Also - the top storage cubby can still be used.
  3. Modern luxurious interior style. We didn’t want mods that distract from Ford design. Our Ford F150 mount looks clean & uses the same stainless screws and precision machined + anodized aluminium - just like as your truck, so your friends will think it came with it.
  4. Quick to install & no drilling. Who wants to drill their brand new Ford truck to install a phone mount? We realize most people don’t have access to a fully-equipped shop. So we include the L-keys you will need to install the clamp in about a minute.
  5. Keep the air flowing. If you live in south Texas you need all the AC you can get. The arm is a perfect length to keep the phone away from the air vent. And the clamp still lets you aim the flow where you want it.


What's in the box?

Everything you need to mount your phone securely for your next adventure trip in your Jeep.

  • 1X Offroam air vent clamp custom designed for 2021 Ford F150 center air vents

  • 1X Double Socket Arm

  • 1X Phone Cradle

Vehicle Compatibility

The clamp is custom designed to fit OEM Ford air vents only. It is not compatible with 3rd party air vent modifications.

The kit comes is designed to fit the centre air vents only. The mounting base is symmetric and can be used on either driver or passenger side.

  • Fits Ford F150 (2021 - current)

    Phone Compatibility  

    • iPhone 6/7/8, iPhone 6/7/8 Plus, Phone X/XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone 11/PRO + Max, iPhone 12/PRO + Max
    • All similarly sized Android devices from Google, Samsung and other manufacturers.


    • Can rotate 360 degrees on 20mm ball mount (integrated with cradle)
    • Phone clamp width in closed position - 65mm (2.56")
    • Phone clamp width in extended position - 95mm (3.74")
    • Arm length of 90mm (3.5") is perfect to keep your devices away from the air vents

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Tim Brown
    Perfect phone holder for 2021 f 150

    Amazing engineering. Fits tight and very strong. Attaches to AC vent but doesn’t restrict air flow.

    Ryan Brown
    Very Strong!

    This is unquestionably the best phone mount that I have found and used on the market today. The great thing about this mount is that it is not only strong but it is stylish too. It blends in with the interior very well. The machining process is a very high quality and tight tolerances. The powder coat finish is done also very well. I am extremely happy with this purchase. And what makes this oh so sweet is the fact that it is Made in the U.S.A.!

    Woohoo, what a review! Thank you Ryan for taking the time to share your thoughts about our product. We are happy you're happy with your purchase!

    Happy trails,

    Christian R.
    Engineered to Deliver What’s Promised

    Probably the best cell phone mount I’ve ever used. Installed in my 2021 F150.
    As an engineer, I always seek products with thoughtful engineering, premium materials, and meet my expectations for quality. This mount meets all my criteria. Materials, hardware, design, and execution are all exceptional. The mount:
    - extremely solid: virtually no movement when inserting the phone and no movement while driving
    - offers many adjustments
    - quality materials
    - protects your phone with added liners in the cradle
    - Protects your truck: the vent mount also features lined clamping surfaces
    - easy adjustment knobs and easy to access Allen screws for the vent mount
    My only hit, which is only inherent to the material, is the thermal properties of aluminum. This means that if your vent is blowing hot air, the mount will be extremely hot (if the vent is blowing on it) or extremely cold. Likewise, if you are blowing cold air and the ambient air in the truck is humid, the mount will accumulate condensation. Not a big deal as it doesn’t affect the phone in a negative way nor the vehicle. It could however affect the mounting hardware if the screws aren’t stainless or rust resistant. Time will tell. I’m critical of anything man made. Other than that, the product is the best I’ve found.

    Grover Honeycutt
    Awesome phone holder and mount

    This mount is the most secure I have found. It doesn’t shake or move. And the phone holder is easy to use with one hand while holding the phone very steady. I highly recommend.

    Leroy Lizama
    Bullet proof

    The only thing I wish this phone mount had was a soft release for phone, it is very strong but it takes two hands if you don't want it to spring close. Otherwise this is the best phone mount I have ever purchased. I don't have to worry if the sun is going to beat this thing up.