Toyota Tacoma Phone Mount

Offroam designs and builds phone mounts specifically for Toyota Tacoma. Made fully from aluminium, the Offroam clamp attaches to the round bezel of the air vent - forming a sturdy foundation to attach an aluminium arm and a universal phone holder for your iPhone or other smart phone.

The Offroam mounting base can also be used with 3rd party phone holders like RAM and others. And it can also hold CB radio or Garmin Navigation.

  • Does it have a secure base?

    Any good phone mount needs to start with a solid base. The base acts as a foundation for the mount; it should stay attached to your Tacoma or Tundra on any road. The base needs mount to a stiff part of the Toyota, where you can see your phone without blocking the view of the road.

  • Is it easy to change positioning?

    The next thing to look for is an easy way to adjust the location and the orientation of your phone. This should be done via an attachment that holds the phone tightly and securely, while still allowing you to change the handset’s positioning.

  • Can you attach your phone with one hand?

    The third thing to look for is holder that allows for an easy way to attach and remove the phone, ideally with one hand. The holder should have the ability to fit and support any size phone, even in a case.