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Fantastic fit and outstanding quality.

Follow the instructions and you’ll be fine. Listed to check after a week of driving and it was still rock solid. 10/10 and completely outweighs having to install a mounting rail above the nav: 3rd gen Tacoma

Just what I was looking for.

Perfect phone holder for me. Easy to assemble and install.

Phone holder

I like this product compared to other similar products you can find online fot 2013 Tacoma

even better than I anticipated

Very well made perfect fit for my jk and even better than I anticipated.

Tacoma Mount kit

I just got my phone mount for my Tacoma '19, that fits in the air vent. It does allow air flow,there is space btw the mount/phone about 5inches that allows air to pass. I was skeptical bc i had previous vent mounts that totally blocked air flow. Not this one! Mount is sturdy, easy to install. The clamp holds my iphone tight even with phone case and pop socket on the back. I am glad i spent a little more money for something solid and sturdy. I would totally recommend this mount.

Easy Installation

Installation was quick and super easy. The mount is very sturdy. Now my phone has a permanent riding place, and won’t be falling under the seats!

Stay solid

I’ve been looking around for a sturdy car mount for my 2018 Tundra, and this is one of the best car mount out there. Easy to install and this keeps your phone rock solid when driving. Really neat design and thank you OffRoam for an awesome product.


Don’t leave reviews and I appreciate my privacy. But wanted to come out here and say I really appreciate this awesome product filling a huge niche; CarPlay doesn’t cut it and this is the only f-150 and in general car holder ever seen that works.

Wish I found this years ago

Excellent product. Mounts easily and solidly. Holds phone firmly. Allows a bit of air from the vent to hit the phone and keep it cool on a hot day, but still allows most of the air to make it past.

Two things I'd like to see. (1) Remove the big bold OFFROAM logo from the inside of the phone holder (where back of phone goes). When phone isn't mounted it's kind of in-your-face. (2) A phone holder that connected directly to the mounting base, no arm needed. I think it might put the phone in the perfect location. The arm forces you to move the phone a bit to the side one way or the other.

Great mount.

This thing is rock solid. Lock up is awesome and the phone will not budge. My only thing is I wished you had options to get longer mount arms. Outside of that, great mount!!

Awesome quality

Ordered shipped to Australia. Shipping took a while which is not unusual for US to Australia shipping but it was worth it. Great quality. Will probably order another shortly.

Very high quality

Bought this phone mount for a road trip. Very impressed with fit and finish. Product worked at it should and looks amazing doing it. Would recommend to anyone looking for a high quality phone mount. You get what you pay for


Have it since March on Gen3 Raptor. Haven’t had to tighten it at all. Stats put. Love it.

Awesome phone mount.

I never write reviews for products I purchase online, so taking time to write a review for this phone mount, just goes to show how satisfied I was with my purchase. Solid phone mount for those with a 2005 Tacoma. Super easy set up, phone stays in place. Mount constructed very well.I highly recommend. 💰 well spent! Will be purchasing another mount to put in my wife’s 4 Runner.

Great phone mount!

I searched for a while for a decent phone mount that would not cover my vents or one I would have to drill holes in the dash in my 2019 F250. Came across a YouTube video of you installing your mount in an F150 and immediately decided that was the one. So glad I purchased it and it was worth the price.

The best phone mount I've ever purchased

It's not cheap, but it is high quality and after using it for a over a month, I can honestly say it's worth every penny. Rock solid construction, and flawless operation. Wish I had found this sooner instead of buying and throwing away all those plastic Amazon mounts. Highly recommended!

I really like the phone it's dosen't move stays in place one of the best phones mounts inhave every owned i tell all my friends with Tacoma's
To.get this phone its awesome rock solid best phone mount ever

Best Tacoma Phone Holder I have had!

Mounted on the driver side air vent so my field of vision is up and still looking out of the windshield. Install was super easy and it is rock solid while driving!

Finally a Great Jeep Mount!

Thank you for finally creating a mount that stays in place, fits my phone, can move out of the way of the heater or the air conditioning and doesn't distract my driving!

Held up to Baja 4X4 trails

Amazing product!! Search far and wide for something simple to use in my 4Runner. Offroam did not disappoint with this no-drill cell phone clamp!! Spent a week in Baja on 15 miles of major 4X4 and all dirt roads. Never lost grip and never had to re-tighten.

Best ever

This us the best phone holder and UT us perfect for my truck. With all of the driving I do this is exactly what I needed. Thank you for such a high quality product.


Incredible quality, durability, and craftsmanship. Absolutely outstanding

Do it, it works great

I've been off-road with this already. Held phone, no issues at all. Simple installation, just a mini clamp of the bottom lip of vent. No modification needed. Works excellent. I would buy again for a second Jeep if I had one.

Best phone Mount I’ve ever owned! Definitely recommend getting one

Off road trail tested.

Like everybody else, I tried every car mount out there. This is the last one I will ever buy. My phone did not move an inch on a 4 hour offroad trail. It works as advertised.