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Great mounting system!

Great mount, easy to install and very secure on dash. My new iPhone 14 Pro fits like a glove and feels rock solid when installed. The build quality feels like it will last a long time. This is by far the best phone mount for the 4Runner. I am very happy with my purchase!

Solid and low key mount

This mount is easy to instal, easy to use, holds the phone perfectly in any position you want. It also keeps the phone from blocking the air flow like many vent mount options. But the best part is it doesn't take over the cab. It's subtle and blends in to the dash.


Bought the 4RUnner mount, it's really nice. The only thing that would improve it is the ability to swivel the phone without loosening the wing nut. Awesome mount overall.

TLDR: SOLID! Just buy it already!

Everything about this mount is top grade. The fit and finish are great. The confidence in phone being safe/secure in even extreme situations is among if not the best in class. I use a Competitors mount (RAM x mount) in my Tacoma but landed on this for my wife’s 4runner after deliberating all the options, might even switch my own over to this soon. It’s just better in my opinion. Compact, stout, and the craftsmanship are great. Have zero complaints so far.

Awesome mount!

Fits great and holds the phone perfectly.
Even with a heavy duty phone case.

Phone mount

Amazing products only one on the market that mounts with out drilling holes and taking half of your dash apart super easy and most of all it holds I mean does not move at all and your phone stays exactly where you want it. Buying another soon to hold my two way for when I’m out on the trails.

Finally a great phone mount

After buying and trying 4 different phone mounts for my 4Runner, I ordered the Offroam mount. It’s been amazing!!! I have a iPhone 13 Pro Max with a case and a Pop-wallet attached to the back and this phone mount holds it perfectly. My only complaint is that the phone is in front of my air vent when the heater is on. Luckily, I live in Florida and don’t have to use the heater that often. LoL.

Best phone holder

I drive a Jeep and have had two prior phone holders, both of which eventually broke. I don’t typically write reviews, but felt compelled to write a review because this is the best engineered phone holder I’ve come across to date. Great quality, sturdy and right height for driving.

Awesome Mount!!!

I am very pleased with this mount for our 2021 4Runner. From the moment you take it out of the box you known you’re holding pure quality. Easy to follow instructions made the a breeze to mount and it looks great. Highly recommend!

Great product

Works better than an other phone holder I have tried for any vehicle (2019 Taco) we own. I will say that I wish everything else in the truck was as well built. Love this!

Excellent product careful getting pinched

This is an absolutely amazing product. Worth every penny. It’s heavy duty and is Definitely custom built for the 4 runner. One issue is if your not careful you can pinch yourself. It is solid metal so the pinch can be painful.

Awesome product

Great costumer service, they promised to reach out when the new product came out and they did! Great quality product as well!

Great mount, just right

The hardware is high quality and heavy duty. It mounts in place very securely and holds the phone without vibration. The spring clamp is heavy duty so putting your phone in and out is tricky with one hand, easier with 2.

Best Phone Mount

Best mount I have ever purchased. Sturdy. Easy install. As advertised. If it ever fails (doubtful) would buy another.

Look no further, this is the perfect phone holder 🔥

I recently got a 2012 4Runner and have been looking online to find a phone holder that wouldn’t get in the way of the airflow of the AC yet be high enough to reach. I didn’t want to drill anything into the radio unit or stick anything onto the window since it would just come off or damage the car. I luckily came across this phone holder on a Google search and immediately knew this was what I’ve been looking for. It’s very simple to install. I have an iPhone 12 Pro with an Otterbox case and it fits snug. Doesn’t drop the phone when im driving and it’s at the perfect height that I can keep my eyes on the road and follow along with the GPS or any notification I get. Honestly, no need to get a touch screen display or anything if you have a good size phone and just want it to save some dough. Shipping was quick and I would highly recommend any other 5th Gen 4Runner (OG) drivers out there to look into this phone holder for their rides.

Hey Oscar! Thank you for your business and for this awesome, informative review, we appreciate you. You're right, there no need to get a touch screen display if you have a good sized phone - you can 'upgrade' your older truck by mounting your phone in the field of vision, while keeping the eyes on the road. We have a 2001 Toyota Tacoma and we know this from personal experience! So happy you're enjoying the Offroam phone mount for your 2012 4Runner.
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Great, but...

Overall, solidly built product that performs as advertised. However, just know that if you install over the CD player - you CANNOT insert/eject your CD while installed. Not big deal for me since I rarely if ever use it, but just FYI.

Hey James, thank you for your feedback - glad you think the phone mount is solidly built! You're right - keeping the CD player in use wasn't our design criteria for this product, since new 4Runners don't have a CD player altogether. We do have a universal 5th Gen design that mounts above the screen and clears the CD player. Here is the link:

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great stable product

i got this because I wanted my phone higher and within sight lines of the lcd screen. when you use carplay for google maps, the phone has the turn by turn and the lcd has the map. having them next to each other works great. Also this is seriously well built with metal vs cheap plastic. The phone holder was stiff at first to open but after a few tries, it opens and closes with enough tension. Also the arm articulation lock is solid and does not move around. I am so glad I got this and so will you be

Best phone mount ever

This is by far the best phone mount I have ever had. My phone does not move all. Love it with my Jeep Sahara. Great job on this design.

Amazing holder

Talk about finally. Someone who figured out how to make a phone holder (iPhone 14 pro max) and it doesn’t fall, move, shake nothing. Absolutely no wiggle and great product.

One of the best I've owned

Well built unit, attaches securely and provides enough versatility for positioning to be functional and out of the way. The release design is well done and connecting the phone and removing is a breeze. Functions well for any size phone with a good grip that keeps the phone stable and secure. I have 3 units, 2 on JK and 1 on a JL jeep, all function well. Be sure to order the correct unit for your vehicle, the mounting is designed specifically for the vent install of the particular make and model.

Would recommend this to anyone

Very solid construction well engineered part that fits the dash perfectly. It is easily adjustable and the spring loaded holder does its job well. This is something I will have for the life of the vehicle. Unlike the pro plastic clip on types that kept breaking this I think will last.

Love Love Love

2019 4Runner Limited. This is the best mount I've found. Yes you will need to attach to the CD player and vent, since I don't use my CD player not a problem. The mount is VERY STURDY!!! You can change the rotation, angle, etc without the holder coming off. Plus I can still see and use my display screen.

Works great!

This phone holder mounted easily, and stays in place really well. We didn't find many good options for a phone holder in the Gladiator, and while this one wasn't cheap, it's small and stays in place on and off road. Super pleased with this purchase.

Vent phone that’s user friendly and not in the way

I’m very pleased with the phone mount. It was simple to install and the best part I like about the mount is that there is no vibration at all. I have recommended it to others who have Jeeps.

Great product

Good communication with the company, excellent product, easy to install and top quality