Year & Model: 2017 TRD Sport

What do you love the most about your rig: From reliability to aftermarket parts availability, the Tacoma stood out the most for what I wanted in a truck. 

Cool mod I love: All the interior changes I’ve made: OFFROAM phone holder, Meso customs chrome delete, and patches) are my favorite mods because any time I’m driving or in my truck it brings me comfort and a “home” feeling.
  • Tacoma phone mount

    Full air flow

    Keep full control of your airvent. Zane lives in Colorado and needs AC in the summer and heat in the winter and OFFROAM clamp does not block the air flow while the OFFROAM arm keeps the phone away from the hot air.

  • Toyota Tacoma Airvent Phone mount that does not block airflow

    Does not block the windshield

    Zane mounted his OFFROAM clamp to the right side of the Toyota Infotainment system. It's mounted in a way that lets him see the screen if needed, without distracting him while driving.

  • Tacoma phone holder

    Tasteful build

    Zane enjoys badass offroad trails in Colorado. How cool is his Taco?