Toyota Tacoma Overland Build | Offroam Customer #187

Toyota Tacoma Overland Build | Offroam Customer #187

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware of the presence that the Toyota Tacoma has both on and off the pavement. Over 25 years ago Toyota introduced the Tacoma to the North American market. It was designed and built as a truck that you could enjoy driving daily instead of just using as a work truck. Fast forward to today, and the Tacoma sits atop the list of best-selling small/mid-size pickups for its 16th straight year.

So, what makes the Tacoma so popular? In one word: reliability. Even now, in its third design, the Tacoma has proven itself as one of the most reliable vehicles you can buy. Not only is it reliable for daily driving, but you can count on it when the weekend rolls around and you want to go exploring or camping in remote locations off-road.

Pairing reliability with capability is a no-brainer when it comes to off-roading. Whether you’re just cruising dirt roads, crawling rocks, or blasting through the desert, you need something that is just as reliable as it is capable. Toyota has found a nearly perfect combination of both with the Tacoma.

Dmitri & Alex travelled in this Toyota Tacoma for over a month across California, Utah, Arizona, Baja and back. It has been our go-to vehicle because of its on-road comfort, ample storage room, and great 4x4 capabilities.

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