Beau Wilson, GA | Offroam order #1283

Beau Wilson, GA | Offroam order #1283

Year & Model: 2021 Jeep Gladiator

What do you love the most about your rig:  I love the versatility on a daily basis, it just works for everything - not perfect but little compromise and maximum fun factor.

Why Gladiator: I went with the Gladiator because I’ve always been a Jeep fan and occasional owner but seem to use my truck bed so often it required me to have 2 vehicles. This one is a Swiss Army knife of a truck and more maneuverable than my full size F150s or 2500hds were.

Your Offroam clamp: I use the Offroam Mount for daily duty, ease of CarPlay supplementation and keeping my minimal cup holder area clutter free with the phone easy to reach. Magnetic mounts are way to weak for off-road and can barely hold an iPhone 12 Pro Max on smooth roads to begin with. 

Instagram: @thebeauwilson - check him out for badass Gladiator shots!
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