Year & Model: 2020 Jeep Gladiator

What do you love the most about your rig: I love the utility and capability of the Gladiator

Cool mods: I had fun installing Rebel Offroad Xplor Rack with table mount and decked drawer cargo system; my Offroam phone mount (my most used mod) and one of my favourite mods is my hood decal, it sets me apart from others. 

How do you mount your Offroam clamp: "My absolute favorite mod is my Offroam phone mount, it's the most utilized and the vital piece of the puzzle. The Offroam phone mounting platform is so adjustable - I can use it with the Offroam phone holder or with the Quadlock holder. We JL and JT owners know the pains of phones blocking the windshield, so I am very happy with it. 

Instagram: @bongthebarberian

  • Offroam phone mounting base

    Pair it with other brands

    Marvin paired his Offroam mounting base with Quadlock wireless charger. Select Offroam as your versatile base and pair it with other brands.

  • Jeep Wrangler Phone Mount by Offroam |  Air Vent Dash mounting base for JL Wrangler

    Full air flow

    Whether you're in Alaska or Texas, we know you want full access to your airvent. Offroam airvent mount allows you to keep airvent flow.

  • Jeep Gladiator phone mounting kit

    Most used mod in my Gladiator

    Marvin says his Offroam mount is his most used mod, he uses it 15-20 times daily. "It's the most vital piece of the puzzle in my rig"