Marvin Roldan, Northern California | Offroam order #539

Marvin Roldan, Northern California | Offroam order #539

Year & Model: 2020 Jeep Gladiator

What do you love the most about your rig: I love the utility and capability of the Gladiator

Cool mods: I had fun installing Rebel Offroad Xplor Rack with table mount and decked drawer cargo system; my Offroam phone mount (my most used mod) and one of my favourite mods is my hood decal, it sets me apart from others. 

How do you mount your Offroam clamp: "My absolute favorite mod is my Offroam phone mount, it's the most utilized and the vital piece of the puzzle. The Offroam phone mounting platform is so adjustable - I can use it with the Offroam phone holder or with the Quadlock holder. We JL and JT owners know the pains of phones blocking the windshield, so I am very happy with it. 

Instagram: @bongthebarberian

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