How to mount Quadlock case in a Jeep Wrangler and Gladiator

Pair your Quad Lock holder with Offroam clamp and RAM holding arm.

If you drive a Jeep Wrangler or a Gladiator (or you prefer Toyota Tacoma or Tundra) chances are you are into active lifestyle. There is a company out there that creates awesome Smartphone mounting for cyclists. Quad Lock, an Australia-based company, developed a mounting solution that allows you to safely mount your smartphone onto the handle bars of your bike. What really makes Quadlock stand out from its competitors is security - your expensive phone won't budge if the mount is knocked or bumped.
Quad Lock is a case based system and what that means is that half of the mount has been built into the rear of a slim and stylish protective case (which is a nice to have for those constantly on the go). To make sure the phone is mounted securely, Quad Lock features a dual locking mechanism that securely locks your phone to the mount. Once your smartphone is attached it will never be accidentally released.
Recently, Quad Lock has branched out into making mounting systems for vehicles too.
If you often drive tough terrain and don't mind incorporating a slim protective phone case into your smartphone mounting set up, Quadlock is for you. In order to get the most of your Quad Lock investment - you need a solid foundation to mount it to in your vehicle. This is where the Offroam clamp shines. 


Toyota Tacoma and Tundra - Quadlock Vehicle Mount

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