How to mount Alu-Cab Shadow Awn 270 on Go Fast Camper platform

Mount AluCab Shadow Awn on GFC


The corner bracket is designed to work with GFC platform camper and platform tent. It is compatible with the new embassy hinges. Additional hardware is required and is available from GFC.

Mount AluCab Shadown Awning on GFC camper

Install Corner Bracket

Slide in T-nut plates into the GFC extrusion and offer up the corner bracket to the camper. Secure the corner bracket with the clamping plate using the included bolts and Blue Loctite (not included).

Mount AluCab Shadow Awn on GFC

Modify GFC Bracket 

Line up the top mounting hole of GFC bracket with AluCab 270 Awning upper mounting hole. Mark & drill a 5/16" (or 8mm) hole in each GFC bracket to align with AluCab lower mounting hole.

List of required hardware

2. Two sets of GFC brackets drilled for AluCab Shadow Awn bolt pattern. Use a step-drill since GFC brackets are steel. We also recommend protecting exposed steel from rust with flat black rust inhibiting paint after drilling.

3. Four stainless steel 5/16" bolts, washers, & nylon lock nuts.

4. Two GFC Track Studs to hold AluCab awning tensioner clip.

How did we come up with this product?

We have own a GFC camper for over 2 years now and have loved exploring with it - it's a light, easy to use platform that suits our needs perfectly as we are out adventuring pretty much every single weekend. We also used to own Cypress Overland, a 4x4 overland rental company out of San Francisco, and knew first hand that GFC was an awesome platform for overlanders who want a simple, but robust camper that won't be too heavy and won't impact off-road performance.

We have previously owned the Alu-Cab Gen 3 rooftop tent so we know Alu-cab's great quality promise from experience. So when it was time to buy the awning for our new rig, we've decided to purchase the famous Alu-Cab Shadow Awning.

The question now was: The AluCab awning is awesome, but clearly - mounting it to GFC needs a lot of TLC, patience and time. When we got our Shadow Awning in mail that day, the work began: the awning wants to overhang ever so slightly past the corner of the tent/camper, and the mounting extrusion track stops short of that corner. And as correctly pointed out above - securing that corner is pretty critical.

We were pretty tempted to drill & tap the GFC corner billet with something like M14 (9/16 - 12 in old money) to secure the AluCab awning, or build a bracket and mounting to the back side of the camper. But managing the height, offsets, and various other alignments with spacers didn’t seem appealing to us.

Instead, we figured it would be worth-while to start with a solid chunk of aluminium and design one part to do all the work of attaching to tent/camper, working as a spacer, and an offset that would match GFC awning mount brackets.

Gen 1 Toyota Tacoma AluCab Shadow Awn
Gen 1 Tacoma GFC and AluCab
GFC Camper Awning Bracket
Offroam corner bracket mount AluCab Shadow awn to GFC camper