Does the Offroam phone mount block Jeep's air vent?

We're grateful for all the feedback and questions we receive because it helps us make the product better for all. This post is inspired by a comment we received on Instagram the other day. Thank you and keep the feedback coming!

@duuuustyy: I like the design, and look of these. But I’m south Texas during the summer - we need all the air vents we can get.


We couldn't agree more with @duuuustyy. Our design principle is to only design and build mods that don't limit the Jeep. To show that the air vent retains most of its functionality in flow rate and adjustability we took our Rubicon out on a slow cruise on Alameda Naval Air Station - to show you a couple of ways to mount the Offroam clamp. 

Enjoy it and hope to see you all on the trails!

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